Elektra is actually Sol's oldest crew member, in service time. Sol won Elektra in a Zabac game when the opponent ran out of credits, and threw Elektra in the pot. Sol was flying alone at that time, so he thought that having a sexbot could be a useful companion, and decided to keep her around. Sol can of course get female company to share a bed, easily, but smuggler is always on the road so to speak. Having a sex-bot offers a handy way to have someone to talk with and someone to fill few other needs as well - no feelings attached, or any other complications of a real-life romance.

Sex-bots, even the cheaper ones are pretty sophisticated, a far cry from simple sex dolls of the past. They are very humanlike, and can be made with options to surpass even humans in many ways. Sol sure got a good deal; as far as sexbots goes, Elektra is clearly a top-of-the class product. Her beautifully crafted cybernetic body is her greatest asset, and not just in bed... although the sex is amazing.

Sol quickly discovered Elektra's exceptional medical capabilities and fighting skills, both unarmed and armed combat. Someone had checked a few options when he ordered Elektra for sure! Maybe she had a double duty, being also an executive bodyguard? Elektra cannot tell, she doesn't remember much about her past. Her memory is probably erased, a pretty common thing to do when people get bored of their sex-bots and decide sell them instead of scrapping them for good.

Eletra is quite neutral towards the crew, but she tends to tease Karyn quite a bit as she can clearly see that Karyn is hopelessly in love with Sol. But what she does is not a mean kind of teasing, just Elektra’s twisted humour.


Why not have them all... Elektra can do instant skin, eye and hair color change, that's basic stuff with sex-bots. She can also self modify her body, to a degree... want bigger boobs tonight? Sure, from A to DD, in a few seconds. She can also change her height and facial bone structure within a small margin. And no matter what everyone keeps saying, size does matter... Rest easy, you can be sure that she's just as tight as you want her to be...

Let me finish up cleaning and oiling these submachine guns first... I'll take VERY good care of you right after that. Unless you want me to take them in bed with us? That would be kinky...

N/a, but Elektra is a fully self-conscious being. Although she would sacrifice her life - or existence - in a split second to protect Sol's, she prefers to stay alive if possible. "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid" sums that up nicely.

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