Don't let Karyn's look deceive you - her skills are top notch when it comes to navigating and flying Ms Piggy. No route is too difficult, she will find the fastest - or safest if needed - course to get from any A to any B in a split second. She is also an extremely good weapon systems officer - this meaning ship-mounted ones, like missiles, shields, lasers... She hates handguns, and won't touch them personally.

But her greatest passion is machines, and more specifically code and coding. Nerd, hacker, whizzkid... If you need to solve a problem with Ms Piggy’s patched-up spaghetti-software, she’s your girl! “Can you do it?” is not a question, it’s a command and a challenge.

Like many "too good" hackers, Karyn has a history of cracking mega-corporations networks and firewalls wide open, including Imperial databases. She did that mostly just for the fun of it, but that is a dangerous game. There’s now probably half a galaxy after her and all the secrets she has discovered accidentally and stored in her data-implants. Hacking her way into the systems that were meant to stay private, she has seen things that can end up costing her life - but they have to catch Karyn first!


- - data corruption - -


For a person that prefers to keep a low profile and live under the radar, she certainly doesn’t dress like that! And her look can change almost hourly, but you can be sure that it is always flashy & manga-styled. Karyn is quite shy, an introvert, and tends to be rather quiet and just listen, at least in a company of strangers.

She is more open when she's with Sol and the crew of course, frequently complaining loudly about everything... but that's just her way to handle the stress, she trusts the crew completely if the going gets tough, no question about that. She has a crush on Sol, but cannot find a way to express that. And she hates Elektra - for all the obvious reasons.

Not this shit again.. you're going to kill us all! Oh my god... we're not going to make it!
Karyn Katayama

To stay alive, and stay hidden... for now at least. She will do anything to keep her existence and exact whereabouts a secret. And she does not talk about her past, ever. And although she won't never admit it, she's slowly starting to think Ms Piggy as her home, and everyone onboard as her family... both being things that she never really had before. 

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