Peggy is Ms Piggy’s AI master control program, and she monitors and adjusts all those complex systems the ship has, from life support to toilets - both pretty important for keeping the crew happy! Ms Piggy is of course far from standard now, and juggling all those quirky add-ons and jury-rigged custom bits is a handful, even for a multi-core 7.2 Terawatt system like Peggy.

Peggy is capable of intelligent conversation, and her dry humour is sometimes spot on... she can manifest herself inside the ship as a hologram, usually taking the form of a 40’s pin-up. That visual look comes from the ship's nose-art, Pin-Up riding on piggybank spitting Galactic Credits from it's... eh, rear-end. Yes, and don't ask... Peggy can take other forms too, and she can also appear really lifelike instead of “hologrammyish” like she usually likes to show herself.

Our status? My system diagnostics shows 24.8% red, 32% yellow, rest are green. Luckily none of those reds are critical components, so we are GO for take-off...
Peggy can, and does, act as a fifth crew member. She helps Karyn with tactical systems, shields and engine management during a battle for example. She can also fly the ship all by herself, thanks to Karyn's secret tweaks and programming... She is self-aware, far from Elektra, but enough that she is worried about "dying" although she doesn't quite grasp the concept of being dead.


Bob... he’s... Bob. Nobody knows what he or it really is, Bob came together with the ship when Sol bought it. Bob and Peggy have some sort of connection, but Peggy doesn’t want to talk about it, and nobody is really that interested to dig any deeper. Sol named him "Bob", because why not? It's close to bot, and certainly better than referring him all the time as the “floating bot that does nothing except beeps”.

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Sol Hano... we think that PEGI-16 describes it pretty well: "This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. The use of bad language in games with a PEG 16 rating can be more extreme, while games of chance, and the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can also be present.". Yes! We like it - with one exception... We don't endorse drug use, in any form. Sol Hano game-series is also free from any kind of racism, religion or politics - we welcome all alien races, illegal or not, and let anybody believe in what she, he or it wants. We do have some political stuff, like Evil Emperesses, Kings and Queens, few Dictators and so on, basic stuff. No Jedi-nonsense, and no "real-life" politics. What else? Oh yeah, that rainbow thing... yes, we got it. Love is universal! And sex? Yes please, what can be more natural? You wouldn't be there reading this without it. #metoo... that's bit harder issue, we agree that everyone should have full bodily autonomy (we had to google that)... and yes, we do "slightly objectify" women in our game sometimes... sorry! Don't sue us! This is just a game! We respect women IRL! What? You're still reading this? Oh my god...