Puyan, a small moon orbiting around Sigl, has been ruled for centuries by the Auenlyck family. Living conditions on Puyan are extremely harsh, everything is covered with snow and ice, temperatures dropping below -50 Celsius regularly. Because of this "forever winter" most cities are built underground. Nymfian's are skillful miners, partly because of the climate, but also because the moon is rich in Monium. Monium is a ultra rare and expensive silver-colored metal that forms at high pressure deep inside the frozen rocky ground. Monium is a key material in energy weapons, so whoever possess large quatities of Monum, is going to be very rich and powerful.

And the Auenluck family is just that, rich and powerful beyond all imagination. Wealth that the Monium has given has been grabbed mostly by the ruling family, leaving basically nothing for the common people. If the citizens don't like Father Nikolas III that much, his daughter Aryana is not liked at all. She’s referred to as ”Ice Queen”, meaning that she has ice in her veins instead of blood... Aryana is the de facto ruler of Puyan, her father being seriously ill for several years now, needing constant cryo-tank medication. People whisper that Aryana has poisoned her own father to gain total control, but this is just a rumour... maybe.

You were actually the second best choice in our very short list of candidates, Captain Hano... sadly the first one wasn't very cooperative with me and my desires... what a shame really. Such a waste.
Aryana shamelessly uses the Monium wealth to her own purposes. She has an obsession to grow her vast collection of exotic jewellery and wardrobe, and she is used to a very lavish lifestyle. She is vain, arrogant, ruthless... and never forgiving, nobody is safe from her quirks... what she wants, she gets - or heads will roll!

She has a brother and a sister, but the only person she almost trusts is her male servant Marek. Marek takes care of all her needs and whims, and acts as a her right hand when something needs to be done that requires secrecy. She has also her own para-military Royal Red Guard, her elite troops acting as her bodyguards and assassins, to keep her safe.

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Sol Hano... we think that PEGI-16 describes it pretty well: "This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. The use of bad language in games with a PEG 16 rating can be more extreme, while games of chance, and the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can also be present.". Yes! We like it - with one exception... We don't endorse drug use, in any form. Sol Hano game-series is also free from any kind of racism, religion or politics - we welcome all alien races, illegal or not, and let anybody believe in what she, he or it wants. We do have some political stuff, like Evil Emperesses, Kings and Queens, few Dictators and so on, basic stuff. No Jedi-nonsense, and no "real-life" politics. What else? Oh yeah, that rainbow thing... yes, we got it. Love is universal! And sex? Yes please, what can be more natural? You wouldn't be there reading this without it. #metoo... that's bit harder issue, we agree that everyone should have full bodily autonomy (we had to google that)... and yes, we do "slightly objectify" women in our game sometimes... sorry! Don't sue us! This is just a game! We respect women IRL! What? You're still reading this? Oh my god...