Being a native Galatean, Brandy is extremely logical & organized - life in a world filled with 90% water makes this a necessity. Of course tough silvery skin and a pair of gills on her back help a bit.... Most Galateans tend to side with the Empire, and Brandy wasn’t an exception. She wanted to achieve greater things in life than what her homeworld could offer, so she enlisted in the Imperial Army.

Her natural leadership and clear head under extreme pressure made her advance quickly through the ranks, all the way to an Imperial officer, a Major. In the end, she was leading the elite strike force battalion known as “Crimson Eagles''. When the regular troops couldn’t handle the situation, or there was a need for Special / Black Ops, Brandy got a call. Those in the receiving end called them “Death from Above''...

Most of these operations were justified (in military sense and thinking) but that was about to change. One day "Crimson Eagles" were conducting a high-risk Op near a civilian village in the Outer Rims when they were suddenly ambushed. Elite “Crimson Eagles” took heavy casualties, from “harmless peasants and villagers”. This was of course considered to be very bad for the unit's reputation by Brandy’s Imperial superiors, so they ordered her to destroy the village near the ambush location - and a few neighbor ones as well. Order was clear and simple: burn everything to the ground, kill everyone, livestock, men, women and children.

I agree. This as a very good plan... but you know what they say, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Brandy declined this direct order - killing innocent civilians was where she drew the line. She was promptly imprisoned and sentenced to death in Martial Court, for not following a direct order. Imperium doesn't take lightly cases like this, no matter how well you have served the Imperium. But before the execution could be carried out, some men and women who had fought under her command raided the prison and got her out by force... knowing that it will end their military career.

They become instantly high prority targets for bounty hunters - and the bounty wasn't a small! Many have tried to collect this bounty but no one has succeeded, so far. Now this group of outcasts try to make all the wrongs of their past right - this time on the right side, leading and fighting alongside the rebels. Brandy knows the Imperial tactics inside out, and uses that knowledge now against them. "Known your enemy", that old saying has never been more true than with Brandy.

Revenge, that can be so sweet...

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