Eruno is Eve's trusty sidekick, reporting from the field. Eruno might not be the brightest soul in the galaxy, but he and his drone will get the footage for Eve, and that's all that matters.

Eruno's career has been long and not always that glorious. Some say that he's too stubborn, too old, too slow... but with Eve, Eruno has a chance to do things HIS way, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Granted, there are still awesome fails once in a while... but hey - you have to have blooper reels for social media followers... and since Eve doesn't make mistakes it's good to have Eruno around, or the reel would be really short.

Eruno is a Kinokian, a race that has no females and no males, which sometimes causes funny moments since Kinokians are not that well known race. Eruno wears glasses although his sight is not that bad. Glasses are his trademark, he thinks it gives him credibility and maybe make him look bit more intelligent as well.

Eruno definitely likes to stay in the shadows more than be in the limelight. His methods are very straightforward, but often effective. He is that old dog, one with a lot of street cred, connections and sheer willpower. He is hard man (figuratively speaking) to stop when he has a good lead. He can take a punch, and give some back too, if needed. He used to be a pretty good boxer in his youth, and because of that career in sports his nose has broken more times than he can even remember.

I'm on it Eve... you'll get your proof. I know few fellas who owe me a favour.
Eruno is a 100% devoted field reporter, living only for the next breaking news footage. News is the only thing he cares about, his apartment is nothing to write about, and nobody has ever seen wearing anything else than his leather jacket, cargo pants and white sneakers. You could think that Eve and Eruno are the opposite ends in lifestyle, but they both share the same burning passion for news.

Unlike Eve, Eruno is on the road most of the time - Kinokians don't sleep at all so that means pretty much the whole day. He doesn't take vacations, doesn't touch alcohol or women (which is a bit strange concept to Kinokians). He does a vanishing act every year, for one week... no one knows where or why, not even Eve. She hasn't asked, and Eruno hasn't told.

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