Eve O is the proverbial thorn in Impress Zhanna's side... sadly too well known to be assassinated, since Eve is a celebrity with tens of millions of followers. She is often seen dressed in silver, with green nails to match her green cybernetic eye implants - which of course have a built-in recorder, her most feared weapon, in addition to her sharp tongue.

Eve O currently serves as investigative journalist and anchor of Galactic News Network (GNN). Her show is called "Glitch in the Matrix", often mocked by her victims "Bitch in the Matrix" - she is proud of that nickname, and so are her fans!

News - that is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest you see and read is just advertising garbage.
Eve O

Eve O earned her B.A. in Political Science from Kal-tek University and a J.D. from Andorres Law School, where she graduated with honors. She served briefly but successfully as editor of the Larimar Law Review before getting her own local holo-show, "Good Morning Galaxy!". She seemed like an innocent young woman, very empathetic and even funny sometimes... a mistake that was the downfall to so many. Today, everyone knows that they better think twice about what they say in front of her...

Her true fame started with the O-Files (airing weekly at sunday 10 GCT). O-Files was all about exposing goverment secrets and fuck-ups - there was no shortage of material! She soon got her own talk-show "Oh my", with a very popular "New Year’s Eve special".

She has also been a war correspondent, reporting live from the frontlines with the help of her trusted side-kick Eruno Soinira. She was awarded together with Eruno coveted “Outstanding Feature Story” X-award for her coverage of the "70 Day War".

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