To understand Mac you have to start with her father... Mac’s father is a decorated military officer, legendary “lead from the front” 4-star general John “hardhat” McKenzie. Back in the days of Sol’s military life Sol served also in John’s unit. Sol became his trusted personal “taxi-driver” when John wanted to see from the air what was going on down at the battlefield, never trusting intel only from drones or satellites. Sol and John respected hugely each other, they were carved from the same wood, at least when it came to principles on how to wage war.


And Mac, she was a military brat, living back in the camp, relative safety from the frontlines. During his trips to pick up or return the general to his home at the base Sol got to learn this spunky teenage girl, and they connected over time. Mac always thought that Sol was like an uncle to her, one that brought cool & exotic gifts!

No Sol... just no. I can't give you discount on this deal, no matter how much I like you. Sorry...

One fateful day sealed the deep bond between John, Sol and Mac, the famous Coconut Valley battle. John was shot down, and the survivors called med-evac, but the area was considered way too hot for any immediate rescue attempt. Sol was off-duty, but he heard what had happened and he promptly STOLE a dropship and flew it alone in the middle of the firestorm to get them all out - he wasn’t going to let Mac lose his father, not just yet... miraculously, nobody got killed. Dropship was shot to hell, full of bullet holes and limping back home on one damaged engine, and was a heap of scrap when they finally landed. For Mac, that day made Sol greater than life hero for her.

After John was retired, he started selling guns - and everything related. He had all the needed connections, both sellers and buyers' side, a match made in heaven. After few years his daughter picked up the business, that spunky little girl - now tough as nails arms dealer! If possible, Sol likes to buy weapons from Mac because that is a nice opportunity to see John as well and take a few hours to remember the “good old days”... over a glass of whiskey and big fat cigar of course.

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Sol Hano... we think that PEGI-16 describes it pretty well: "This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. The use of bad language in games with a PEG 16 rating can be more extreme, while games of chance, and the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs can also be present.". Yes! We like it - with one exception... We don't endorse drug use, in any form. Sol Hano game-series is also free from any kind of racism, religion or politics - we welcome all alien races, illegal or not, and let anybody believe in what she, he or it wants. We do have some political stuff, like Evil Emperesses, Kings and Queens, few Dictators and so on, basic stuff. No Jedi-nonsense, and no "real-life" politics. What else? Oh yeah, that rainbow thing... yes, we got it. Love is universal! And sex? Yes please, what can be more natural? You wouldn't be there reading this without it. #metoo... that's bit harder issue, we agree that everyone should have full bodily autonomy (we had to google that)... and yes, we do "slightly objectify" women in our game sometimes... sorry! Don't sue us! This is just a game! We respect women IRL! What? You're still reading this? Oh my god...